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Are estimates free?

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Yes our estimates are free; however for larger projects such as lawn installations, we usually try to give up to three different full color layouts of the best possibility for your lawn within your budget. Depending on the size of the job, these designs may be free if and only if you decide to do

How often do you snow plow?

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For residential, snow removal takes place when the snow exceeds two inches of accumulation. For commercial accounts, our zero tolerance customers receive special attention with service performed at a trace to 1’’ or more of snow and/ or ice accumulation. Other tolerance levels are available for both residential and commercial customers alike.

How often do you mow?

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Normally we mow all of our clients once a week. We usually mow our commercial clients early in the week, Monday through Wednesday and our residential clients more towards the end of the week, particularly Thursday through Saturday. Doing this allows our clients to enjoy the freshly cut grass while they are primarily at the

How many fertilizer applications do you guys do?

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Based on the grass growth of the yard, we tend to spread between five and six balanced applications a year. Crabgrass prevention in early spring, weed control in mid to late spring, grub control in early summer, two basic fertilizer applications in mid to late summer, and a winterizer in the fall. Before any application